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Thursday, June 3, 2010

About: Glee “Funk”

As we quickly approach regionals Glee took a moment to get funky.

Let me start by saying that I was shocked and impressed that Kurt was capable of some of the notes he hit in “We Want The Funk”. I have come to expect the glass-shattering high notes he so often hits but I did not realize his range.

Jesse. I knew it. We’ve known for a while that Jesse was playing Rachel but in recent weeks it seemed like he had developed real feeling for her. He didn’t want her to be hurt by the situation with her mother and so I thought that maybe he would take the sabotage down a notch. I mean there would still be sabotage, just less. But the egging in the parking lot was heart breaking and it made me wonder what he’s really mad about. It can’t still be the “Run Joey Run” debacle? Sure she secretly made the video with Finn and Puck behind his back but she still chose him in the end. She even spurned Finn’s “Jesse’s Girl” advances (for some reason). But I can’t think of any other reason he’d be so upset with her that he would agree to the public humiliation that he seemed to initiate.

And on that note, I will go off on a little tangent. If the “Run Joey Run” drama is really what Jesse is so upset about then the writers can’t just push that storyline to the back for a couple of weeks and expect us to understand his still feeling betrayed. It’s something this show does a lot; storylines disappear for weeks at a time only to be brought up again out of the blue. Viewers can’t be expected to remember, with enough freshness, how a character is feeling after weeks go by. We need to be reminded if we are expected to care. Now I understand that this show is primarily a musical so I came into it expecting a light and fluffy plot but that doesn’t mean that storylines can vanish into thin air or appear out of nowhere. I still need the development and buildup of the plot. Whew. Tangent over.

Finn and Puck working and Sheets and Things with Terri is one of those out of thin air storylines I was referring to. I thought I said “tangent over”. I will say that while it came out of thin air, I loved the performance of “Loser” it resulted in! Finn and Puck have really great vocal chemistry. I’d like to hear more of that. And see more of it for that fact! Hot!

Will seducing Sue was definitely one of the highlights of the episode. Although I have to say I was a little surprised that he was capable of something so cruel (and hilarious). In the end he did exactly what I knew he would; He made good on things with Sue and even inspired her a little along the way. Classic Will Schuester.

A couple of my favorite lines of the episode

Sue: “Even your breath stinks of mediocrity”

Will: “You know what Wednesday is, right? Hump day.”

Thanks for reading!