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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

About: Gossip Girl “Every Rose Has It’s Thorn”

Let me be the first to say farewell Little J! See you never. I was obviously pretty happy that Jenny got written off the show. At this point she’s kind of a one trick pony. She has spent her time on the show defying all our expectations of just how low a person can sink. Well, she has officially sunk and I can’t say I’ll miss her.

What an episode! If I had to sum it up in one word I would call it “overwhelming”. Don’t get me wrong, I love drama but at some point it’s just too much for a one hour episode. The first half of the season wasn’t exactly packed with drama, I wouldn’t call it boring I just think there could have been more development of more interesting storylines. Apparently, the writers realized this a little late and decided to make up for it in the season finale! These are great story lines with plenty to work with for next season but it would have served them better to spread some of the development out over the season. i.e. spend a little less time on Serena’s dad or Chuck’s mom. Man, these socialites have some mommy and daddy issues! Or even to spend less time on Dan and Vanessa- a story line I doubt anyone found particularly interesting (note my use of past tense). So all that to say I enjoyed the finale, I just found it a little too full.

So let’s just re-cap some of the less noteworthy highlights.

-Serena and Nate “take a break”. Bring on the Dan and Serena love!
- Vanessa and Dan are probably broken up at this point. And a resounding “who cares?” rang across the land!
- Serena and Dan kissed. We knew that would happen eventually.
- Dorota had her baby.

Now on to the plot points worth talking about…

Chuck and Blair…we were so close. I knew they couldn’t get back together this season. Drama like that deserves to be stretched out. But that doesn’t mean I wasn’t on the edge of my seat as Blair made her way to the Empire State Building. Or that I didn’t squeal when Chuck pulled the engagement ring out of his pocket. They had me wanting what I knew we couldn’t have. That, my friends, is good drama.

Now about Chuck; I don’t know that I really blame him for this. Am I grossed out that he slept with Jenny? Absolutely. But he was distraught. He thought the only woman he’s ever loved rejected him. I can’t say I blame him for his promiscuous behavior. Jenny on the other hand should know better than to mess with a man that Blair has dated, is thinking about dating, or has ever talked to for that matter. Bad decision all around!

If Dan and Vanessa weren’t broken up before you can bet they will be when Vanessa gets back from Haiti and finds Georgina carrying Dan’s seed. My instincts are telling me that the baby isn’t Dan’s. Judging by the men Georgina seems to surround herself with, Dan is probably the most upstanding, responsible one of them all; thus making him the best candidate for a father figure. Either way I can’t decide how I’m feeling about Georgina’s return. I just know she can’t be trusted.

Then, to top that off Chuck goes and gets himself shot! Could this be a catalyst for a Chuck and Blair reunion post summer break? Maybe a bit soon but here’s hoping!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. ugh I can't take this any more. they need to be back together!!!!