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Friday, May 14, 2010

About: Supernatural “Two Minutes to Midnight”

We are getting dangerously close to the moment we’ve all been waiting for the entire season. But just when we thought we knew what had to be done the tables turned and we’re back in limbo.

At the beginning of the episode the mission seemed fairly simple- all things considered. Find Pestilence and Death and get their rings. It was supposed to be the next step that was difficult. But when the boys wiped Pestilence off the map so quickly (with a little help from Cas, who I was more than happy to see again) I began to get worried. I knew it was a little too easy. Taking on two horseman in one episode seemed a little rushed for Supernatural; not a show that tends to rush plot lines. But I had no idea what kind of twist was in store.

Before I go on, I do want to say that I loved the sequence of Death walking down the street to “Oh Death” (by Jen Titus if you were wondering, and I was). That was one of the most haunting scenes I’ve ever seen on Supernatural. I’m getting chills just thinking about it!

So Pestilence is taken care of. Then, we find out that Bobby, in true Winchester fashion, has decided to loan his soul to Crowley. I can’t say I blame him considering the outlook of things, but come on! Haven’t we learned by now that this soul selling business is never a good idea? Besides, I’m not sure that I trust Crowley yet. I’m still feeling betrayed by Ruby who turned out to be exactly what instinct told us she was. The good news is that Bobby can walk again, for now. But I bet he’d be willing to make a permanent crossroads deal with Crowley if it meant the use of his legs for ten years. I’m starting to think that was in Crowley’s plan to begin with. Let Bobby feel what it’s like to walk again and he’ll never want take his soul back leaving Crowley with the “insurance” to keep him safe from the Winchesters.

How suspicious was it when Crowley led Dean to the location of Death only to find out he wasn’t there? Crowley could not have been more un-phased by that realization. Did he just not care or was he not surprised? I can’t see the point of writing the wrong location into the plot unless there was a reason for it. And Crowley did eventually lead Dean to Death when he didn’t have to so it seems like he wasn’t planning on breaking his deal but is there more to the first location than they let on?

Oh, I haven’t even mentioned the fact that Castiel is now a human! This is just a problem that I don’t know what to do with. At this point there’s no way Cas is going to get his Angel mojo back unless the moment I’ve been hoping for actually happens. God’s triumphant return! I’m still hoping that God will come back to save the day and reward Cas for being his most faithful servant. But I’m an optimist. Well, either way at this point Cas is now about as helpful as Bobby.

Now on to the biggest problem of all. Death. I think we all knew that Dean’s sneak attack on Death was not going to work but I guess he had to try. (Lately it seems like all the demons and horsemen have a spidey sense that detects Sam and Dean. I don’t remember that being something that demons were capable of earlier in the series. I could be wrong though. But I digress…) Then, when Death told Dean to sit down and eat pizza with him (Chicago style pizza!) I started to get nervous. I thought for sure that Dean was going to put his butter knife to use until the conversation took a turn. Death is a slave to Lucifer, that wasn’t a surprise, but the fact that he’s older and far more powerful was. How did Lucifer manage to trap death in the first place? The fact that he wants Lucifer in the hole was also a shocker. Once I knew that, I knew what had to come next. Dean had to promise that Sam would say yes to Lucifer. The exact thing we don’t want to happen. Because now we have a problem; either Sam does what Death wants or Dean dies. If Sam says yes to Lucifer, it’s likely that he’ll “die” as we know it. So now we just have to hope that Cas was right about Sam’s strength because it’s clear that he is the only one who can end this.

What an episode! I can’t wait to see how the season will end!

Thanks for reading!

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