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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

About: Glee "The Power of Madonna"

Let me start by saying that I have never really been a fan of Madonna. I don’t own any of her albums and I only know the words to a handful of her songs. With that disclaimer out there I have to say I really enjoyed “The Power of Madonna”.

I have to admit I was a little worried. Not because I thought that the cast was incapable of living up to the icon that is Madonna, but because I wasn’t sure how they’d be able to weave the songs messages in with the plot. For the most part it seems that the songs used in each episode are picked because of how they portray the things the characters are going through. So, when you decide to write an episode using music by only one artist that makes things pretty tricky. I was really pleased that this decision didn’t take anything away from the episode. I felt like the songs were pretty seamlessly woven into the pre-established story line without much need to create new side plots to accommodate. That’s not to say the episode was without its faults in that department. I did think the “Like a Virgin” story line rushed the Will and Emma plot a little. Just last week she was breaking up with him so that he could figure out what he wanted. This week she’s ready to lose her v-card to him. Not to say I didn’t enjoy that number, because I really did!

Speaking of losing your v-card I was definitely caught off guard by Finn. I knew Rachel wouldn’t be able to go through with things with Jesse because she still has obvious feelings for Finn. I thought Finn wouldn’t go through with it because he really wants to get Rachel back. So I figured the logical choice was to play it safe and have the adults do it. It was definitely an interesting plot twist. Especially since both Finn and Rachel decided to lie to each other. It was a little Dawson’s Creek-esque. Anyone?

I was surprised by the Jesse comes to McKinley High twist. It definitely makes for more juicy plot lines to have the enemy so close. I am, of course, fully prepared to hate his guts I just think that having him around more will be a great source of drama. I am curious to find out what his game is. Does he just want a preview of their set list or is there a larger master plan. I have to believe there is. Sue leaked their set list once before so it would be just lazy to go that route again. It would be interesting if Sue caught on to Jesse’s plot and they joined forces to try and bring the glee club down. Just a thought.

As far as songs go my top pick for the night would have to be Rachel and Finn’s rendition of “Open Your Heart”. I think they are best when they want to be together but can’t. There is a great tension between them at this point and I love to see Finn fight for what he wants, I just hope they don’t lose that chemistry when they finally get together.

As for my favorite quote of the episode, you can bet that it will almost always come from Sue Sylvester-

“I thought I smelled cookies from the tears of elves weeping that live in your hair.”

Thanks for reading!

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