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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

About: Glee “Hell-O”

After the longest hiatus known to man, Glee is finally back! While last night’s episode was not the most artfully crafted where plot was concerned I was so happy to have Glee back that I almost didn't care.

They threw a lot at us in the first few minutes of the episode. There were a few new couples, well maybe no new as much as “official”; Will and Emma, Rachel and Finn, Quinn and Puck. It was a lot of information to get at once but none of it was necessarily unexpected. But as quickly as they threw these couples together, they tore them apart.

Emma reveals to Will that she’s never been “intimate” before, something he seems to take pretty well, so why the unexplained make out session behind enemy lines? That was by far my least favorite thing about “Hell-O”. I’m sorry but didn’t Will just realize that Emma was the love of his life? I was so confused about this moment that I had myself convinced it was some kind of dream he was having out of sexual deprivation. At least that would have made sense. Needless to say, I don’t know where they were going with that and why it came out of the blue.

I was so proud of Emma for making Will take time to find out who he is and what he wants. She already knows who she is, recognizes her own flaws where cleanliness is concerned, and is working to correct them. I am a little concerned about the timing of when Emma will find out about Will’s infidelity. It seems pretty clear that these things don’t go unnoticed in shows. Eventually, Emma will find out about it and hopefully it won’t be a make or break moment in their relationship. Although, I guess that’s where the best drama comes from.

Finn never ceases to amaze me with his stereotypical dumb jock attitude and general gullibility. He’s so insecure in himself and now the two people he trusted and cared about most have betrayed and humiliated him. But his constant fear of being perceived as an outcast is one of the most frustrating things about him. You would think he’d have learned by now that popularity has never brought him real happiness. Yet even through his density (am I allowed to use this word like that?) he continues to charm me. He somehow remains this naïve boy who is just learning life’s lessons at a slower pace than his peers; a contemporary Forest Gump with singing and dancing. So how could we be mad at him for breaking up with Rachel to sow his wild oats? And how could we not want Rachel to take him back immediately after his change of heart?

I think we all knew from the beginning that Jesse James was no good. Sorry Rachel but a dream guy that also happens to be a huge fan of your work and is coincidentally the lead singer of your arch rival glee club is not the best person to choose for a boyfriend! I do feel bad for her because it seems like she’s always getting her heart broken. For so long Finn spurned her advances, and then she tried to make him jealous by going out with Puck who it turned out was using her too. Then, in a momentary lapse in judgment she fell in love with Mr. Shu. Let’s just say she hasn’t had much luck with love this year. It’s really too bad because she is the kind of character that really puts her heart into everything she does. She may be painfully annoying at times, and a bit of a control freak but she really is a sweet girl. It seems like Finn is beginning to see her for who she is and accept her. And it sounds like he’s willing to put up a fight for her which he may have to if he finds out about Jesse James. Although I am curious to see how they handle the fact that Finn isn’t over Quinn yet. Or was his speech to Rachel at the episode's close supposed to show us that he's put Quinn in his past?

As far as my favorite song of the episode- Finn’s rendition of “Hello, I love you” was one of the best performances I’ve heard from him this season. I am fighting the urge to download it on itunes tonight!

After seeing Sue Sylvester’s Vogue video I could not be more excited to see how they handle the Madonna episode next week. Jane Lynch is a genius! Her comedic timing never fails.

Thank goodness we're back from hiatus and rolling on toward regionals!

Thanks for reading!

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