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Friday, April 16, 2010

About: Supernatural “Point of No Return”

Happy 100th! It’s hard to believe it’s already been 100 episodes but at the same time I feel like I’ve known these boys forever. Can you believe how far this show has come since the woman in white? What a trip!

So let's talk about "Point of No return". I really enjoyed this episode. There was a lot time spent on the relationships between the characters and how they've evolved over the seasons. But most of all I think "Point of No Return was about Faith; faith in family, faith in what is right, and faith in yourself.

The spare Winchester is back! I have to say I really liked Jake Abel as Adam Milligan (Winchester). He not only looks and talks like a Winchester but he’s got the devil-may-care attitude down to a tee. I was glad to see them bring his character back. While things don’t look good for him at this point, I don’t think this is the last time we’ll see Adam Winchester (more on that later).

If we learned anything from “Point of No Return” it was that you do not want to piss off Cas. Dean got a royal ass kicking that was not totally undeserved. Cas has sacrificed everything for Sam and Dean. While I understand Dean’s feelings too, no matter how selfish they seem, Cas is not ready to see these boys fail. I think he’s secretly holding on to a shred of hope that the God he has served for who-knows-how-long will intervene. I am definitely holding on to that same hope.

Last night’s episode also had some very heartbreaking moments and what I thought was some really great acting. When Dean told Bobby that he wasn’t his father he may as well have slapped him across the face. Bobby has been such a great help to these boys over the years and he has been more of a father to them then John ever was. Bobby has kept going for these boys even after he was paralyzed and more recently forced to kill his own wife, again. I obviously, don’t think Dean meant what he said but it was selfish of him to say regardless. It seemed like Dean had a hard time keeping his thoughts to himself last night. I was surprised by what Dean said to Sam about not believing in him. We knew that Dean never really forgave Sam for abandoning the family to go to school. He also has never trusted him in the same way since the demon blood addiction and alliance with Ruby. But for Dean to come out and say something that hurtful to Sam was a really low blow that couldn’t have come at a worse time. I guess I hadn’t realized the depth of mistrust Dean had for Sam. Sam has spent a long time trying to make up for his mistakes and to have that go un-noticed by Dean must have been very hurtful. (Look at me forgetting that these aren’t real people) And Sam has clearly never lost his trust in Dean. I thought his decision to bring Dean along to save Adam was the stupidest thing I had ever heard. But clearly, Sam knows Dean better than I do. I will say that I was glad to have the boys really talk about their trust issues. For so much of the season they have pretended that these deeper issues aren’t there. They’ve had a lot on their plate and I guess their trust in each other can’t take precedence over the apocalypse but these are issues that they needed to sort out if they are ever going to fight as a united front.

My roommate and I were discussing whether or not Adam Winchester’s character was created specifically for the purpose he served in “Point of No Return”. Did Kripke know back in season four’s “Jump the Shark” that he would use Adam as the Zachariah’s bait to get Dean to agree to Michael’s proposal? It seems like a huge thing to introduce another Winchester brother only to kill him off in the same episode. I think Kripke is more creative than that. I also don’t believe that Adam is dead now. I would be a little disappointed if they brought him back just to kill him off for a second time; although, multiple deaths seem to run in the Winchester family. I think Adam will pop up again at a moment when Kripke has us thinking that all is lost. Although, I'm not sure how things can get darker for the Winchester’s at this point.

Another question I discussed with my roommate (are you sensing a theme?) is whether or not we think Michael is all that bad. We met Lucifer who is obviously no good but so far, Michael is yet to be seen. This makes me think that maybe he’s not all bad. In fact, maybe God is using Michael- I still think God is testing the Winchester’s faith. Maybe not so much their faith in God, because that seems shot to hell at this point, but maybe their faith in what is right and their faith in each other which seemed to be the main theme of “Point of No Return”. In this episode, it looked like God sent Zachariah on the mission to resurrect Adam which was maybe supposed to be a hint at God’s position on the subject of Dean as Michael's vessel. But I really wonder if God knew how everything would play out. I wonder if he knew Dean would end up in that room and would have to make the decision to accept Michael’s proposal and fail or continue to fight for what he thinks is right. Either way, I refuse to believe that God has “checked out”.

I am very interested to see how things play out as season five comes to a close. Either way, the boys will be back next season so I’ll find hope in the fact that they can’t die, yet.

Here’s to 100 great episodes and counting!

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