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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

About: Traffic Light "Bonebag"

Bonebag. Elegant wordplay indeed. You see it's a combination of two words. Bonehead + douchebag = Bonebag. Get it? As simple as it is, I think it's a keeper. So if you took anything from this week's Traffic Light, take that little nugget right there. Bonebag.

But there were a lot of other great aspects from this week's episode as well. Overall I was very happy with the way the storylines intertwined. These ensemble shows seem to work best when they find a way to include everyone in a larger plot. Take Modern Family for example, the best episodes happen when the whole family gets together for dinner or a birthday party. At the beginning of  "Bonebag", we had what looked like three separate storylines. 1. Mike and Lisa are in need of alone time so Mike books a hotel room. 2. Adam and Callie babysit Tommy and 3. Ethan decides he's ready for a real commitment (What happened to the girl with the drawer last week?). But these plots intertwined themselves pretty quickly. They owe it all to Callie's genius creation, bonebag. It was the overarching theme that brought the whole episode together. Well, that and the whole boner thing.

Now there were a couple things I wasn't crazy about. They weren't deal breakers, just unnecessary and kind of cliche.  Why do shows feel the need to do that whole flash forward thing? It works well occasionally, but most of the time it's just an excuse for lazy writing. And in the case of "Bonebag" it just really didn't work. What would have happened if we didn't see the three of them with broken noses? Would it have changed anything about the way we viewed the episode? Personally, I don't think it added anything to the plot besides giving away the punch line. I also really didn't care for Ethan's date in the park with his "soulmate". There was just way more cheese than I could handle and it just wasn't funny. Needless to say, I was happy to see her go at the end of the episode. Granted, the way she left was a comedy cliche in itself.

I really liked what we saw of Mike and Lisa's relationship this week. We've known them as the couple with the kid for the majority of the series and it was really great to see them on their own. Their couples massage was very entertaining, especially the awkward phrases coming out of the male masseuse's mouth. And there was some serious tension between the two masseuses that made the scenes even more entertaining.

I think that's all I've got for this episode. Feel free to comment with any insight or aspects you thought were overlooked. There's nothing I love more than talking about a good show! But I cannot leave without mentioning a few funny things.

*Adam: "I'm 6'5". I'm not afraid to mix it up." (I seem to remember Chandler Bing using that exact phrase to describe something veeeeery different.)

*I love how they referred to Tommy's "cake stand".

*Callie: "Should we put him in the bath?"
Adam: "No, I don't want to take him to the next level."

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